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Want to Rep 250LONDON?

Naturally, we are keen to support riders in MX, MTB and Flattracking, the 3 main bike disciplines we design for, and we welcome enquiries.

Mutual appreciation is very important to us though so we ask that you only contact us if you already support or wear 250LONDON clothing or can strongly demonstrate that a partnership would be mutually beneficial i.e. you have a very strong following on Social Media, on Instagram and/or Facebook. If you’re a raging showoff and love attention, then even better! Flare and charisma go down very well with us!

But, and we hate to be blunt, if you are simply a freebie hunter, then please don’t enquire or try to play us off against another brand, especially one of the large American brands, we don’t play that game. We’re an independent, design led British brand, we sell our products globally, we have countless fans and followers around the world who love what we do, so, if you do too, if you’re male or female, and feel you can help increase our exposure whilst increasing your own in return, then get in touch, wherever you are in the world. Remember to include links to your social media accounts.

Privateers only please, we don’t sponsor Pros.